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Across the River to Motor City (2007)

Žanr: drama, misterija

Ocjena: 5.9/10
Država: Kanada

Autor: Denis McGrath, Robert Wertheimer
Glavne uloge: Sasha Roiz, Anne Openshaw, Joe Pingue

November 22, 1963 - A motorcade rounds a corner - a muzzle flashes into history and nothing will ever be the same. Not for Ben Ford, not for anyone. Camelot is dead. On that fateful day, Ben's love, Katie, disappears after a flight from Dallas. From quiet, industrious Windsor to the decaying giant, Detroit, he searches for answers that draw him deeper into a world of deceit and violence. A world that reflects his inner turmoil; "Who killed Katie?" Forty years later, the remains of two bodies are found. Ben is a broken old man with a grown daughter he barely knows. The police are at his door. He is the prime suspect in Katie's murder. Only he knows the truth and is willing to take it to his grave but the specter of his past finds new life, threatening to destroy his daughter and her family. The events of his life unfold in back alleys and bars, crossing the paths of ruthless mobsters and helpless victims. In his search for justice, Ben is swept into a conspiracy that shaped the modern ...

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