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Rãmâi cu mine
Rãmâi cu mine
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Rãmâi cu mine


Žanr: drama, romantika

Ocjena: 7.5/10
Država: Rumunjska

Glavne uloge: Iulia Lumanare, Aureliu Surulescu, Antonia Ionescu

All 13 episodes of the HBO series are, actually, about the human nature: how we discover people the way they are, essentially, with their passions, illusions, fears, loneliness, uncertainty and their dreams. The series talks about human relationships, but first of all, about the relationship with themselves. The city is not just the background of all these stories, but also a character that lives intensely and vibrates with every action. Laura is a married woman who refuses to see the cracks in her relationship and she is looking for a way to feel loved again. Adrian, her husband, is always looking elsewhere, for something that she can't offer him, and he jumps in a relationship with a mysterious woman he meets in the dark, in hotel rooms. When this mysterious woman comes into his life everything changes. Eva, the former mistress of Adrian, who's trying to find her father, has an extremely tense relationship with her mother, Silvia; she falls in love with David, the man of her dreams....

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